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Thursday, January 21, 2016

2016 Sewing Challenge - Challenge # 2

Challenge #2: Two-Handed Pot Holder

You would think that having a long weekend would help me get things done quicker, but noooooo! It's not like I was sitting on the couch watching Gilmore Girls... I was working in my craft room all the time (...and watching Gilmore Girls). 

So, here I am, late with my second post on this challenge. A two-handed pot holder.

I also find great (and free!!) patterns in blogs I love. One of them is Sew4home. This is one of my favorite sites EVER! They not only have great patterns, but also videos and lessons for beginners.

When you get a pattern from the internet, you don't have the pieces to cut like you have from the ones you buy somewhere else. You have to make your own patterns. Some people just go ahead and cut straight on the fabric following the measurements, but I like my patterns.

I use cardstock (those you buy for school projects) to make my patterns and I store them in zip top bags. 

So, anytime I decide to make this pot holder, I will find everything in one place. Ready to use!

 Next step is cut the pieces. This pot holder might look fancy and complicated, but it is a breeze to make. The directions are very simple and straight forward. I felt like I could keep making them forever.

Those handy-dandy clips are a must have. I've had mine now for years, and let me tell you, they are the BEST!!!

These are two of my best friends, folks. I had to introduce them to you... :)

So, here you go...the final product. Sorry about all the pics, I guess I got excited!

So, I hope you guys liked it! This is definitely a keeper. If you like to sew, go check it out. If not, answer the question below for a chance to get this one.

Challenge #2 Question: Tell us about a funny cooking mishap.

See y'all soon!


  1. My cooking mishap...
    I had just graduated from college and was going to the beach for a few days with friends, one of whom I had just started dating. My grandmother said I had to take some food...a ham or a cake...I chose cake. Grandma gave me a new recipe for cake. I had NEVER made a cake, or even cooked anything other than frozen Stouffers lasagna. So while mom was at work, I rummaged through her cabinet for the ingredients. Well, I must have used rancid oil. The cake was HORRIBLE!!! INEDIBLE!!! We all took one bite and spit it out...except for the new boyfriend. He ate the whole piece of cake.
    The name of the recipe??? BETTER THAN SEX CAKE
    The boyfriend??? He married me anyway! (and he does most of the cooking!)