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Sunday, August 23, 2015

My craft room

So, I wanted this first post to be about my craft room. It's my favorite place in the house and I am there whenever I have some free time. The problem is that I wanted it to look nice and organized in the pictures. Well, who was I kidding? This room is the only one in the house that is NEVER organized! I am always in the middle of a project (or 10!) and have so much stuff that "organized" can be a relative term in here.

Here it is!! My happy place! I know I am blessed to have a spare room to call my own. It's not huge, but it is perfect for me. My hubby helped me put that craft table together with a salvaged door and book shelves.

This is the view of the table from the other side of the room. Looooooots of storage!!

Here it is a close up on the storage under the table. That's where I store stamps, ink, and adhesives of all kinds.

My handy husband also made me this custom peg board to hang my tools. Love it!!!

Ok, this takes a whole wall and it's where most of my stuff is. From fabric to paper.From machines to tools. But before you begin calling me a hoarder or just plain crazy, I want to make clear that I use it ALL!!! :) I promise!

I love to watch movies and my favorite TV shows while I craft. So, here's the DVD player my son let me borrow for an unlimited time (such a good boy).

I saw this somewhere on Pinterest and thought it was the coolest idea EVER!! It's a crib side that I use to store big pieces of fabric.

More storage... Books, and ribbons, and cards, oh my!!

My sewing machines. I loooove to sew!! I feel pretty much like an amateur sewer because I had never touched a sewing machine until about four years ago. So, I am still learning and I keep sewing. By the way, my hubby made my sewing table out of an old foot board from a bed and two file cabinets... score!!

P.S. I found that vintage Samsonite Train Case in a store and fell in love with it. That's where I store my sewing tools.

I guess this is it! My craft room reveal!! Here is where the magic happens, where I relax from a busy week or a stressful day, where I make pretty things and hang out with craft lovers like me.

I hope you enjoyed the tour, don't be a stranger! 


  1. Gennai ~ I love it! I wish I had a creative space like this and half your crafty talent!! Can't wait to follow along and see what awesome things you are crafting up. Congrats on the blog... and the sweet craft room! Also, hope you have a great school year!